HackerHand + 5 Channel Interface (Beta Gen 2)

Announcing a collaboration between Backyard Brains and HackerHand, a Chilean father & son invention team that has designed a robotic hand controlled by servomotors. HackerHand_View2_webCombined with our 5-Channel Muscle SpikerShield, we have created an interface (now in Generation 2) that allows you to experiment with hand decoding algorithms.

This is our most advanced product, not for the faint hearted. We are releasing this hand with software that uses both support vector machine and Euclidean Distance algorithms , which we are working to improve all the time. We currently have ~60-80% accuracy of 5 fingers, when moved individually, but we are not signal classification experts – This is where you come in!

Product Details

This product comes with 5 Channel Muscle SpikerShield and the HackerHand assembled, with all the cables and accessories included. Neural Engineers of the world, this is for you. This project is in continuous active development; this is just the beginning.

Kit Contains


  • 1x 5 Channel Muscle SpikerShields
  • 1x 5 Channel Electrode interface Cables
  • 1x Arduino with Preloaded Code
  • 1x Interface cable to link the HackerHand to the SpikerShield
  • 1x 5 Volt Battery (USB) + Cable to power the hand
  • 1x Pre-Assembled HackerHand
  • 100x EMG electrode stickers

Source: HackerHand

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